We offer a wide selection of craft beers from the Carolina Region, with a few from other small crafters throughout the United States. Our taps change frequently, so be sure to drop by often.  Also, check out our special tap takeover events where our local brew-masters take over our taps and provide our guests some free gifts and tasty draughts.

Pilsners, Lagers & Blondes

AMB Boone Creek Blonde 

BOTTLE:  $4     /      ABV:  4.7%


Crisp with orange zest and sweetness from wildflower honey.

OMB Captain Jack Pilsner

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.9%

Crisp & smooth pilsner with subtle assertive hoppiness

Stella Artois Pilsner

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.0%

Clear gold color.  Mild malt aromas with moderate carbonation

White Street Kolsch

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.2%

Subtle fruitiness with hints of pear and melon, light and refreshing

Cabarrus Brewing Vanilla Coffee Blonde

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.7%

American style cream ale with hints of coffee and vanilla, crisp, golden and refreshing.

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Southern Tier Double IPA

BOTTLE:  $4     /      ABV:  8.2%

Full of hops, citrusy and clean with delightful finish

Goose Island IPA

BOTTLE:  $4     /      ABV:  5.9%

Fruity aroma with dry malt middle and long hop finish

Wicked Weed Pernicious

BOTTLE:  $4     /      ABV:  7.3%

Dry-hopped ale with juicy, tropical finish-fruit forward hops

Natty Greene's Southern Session IPA

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.2%

Adventurous hops, with light malt profile and hints of citrus and pine

Foothills Hoppyum IPA

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  6.25%

Nutty malts lend a surprisingly sweet base to copious amounts of tangerine-y hops.

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Whites & Wheats

Allagash White

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.2%

Wheat beer brewed with spices, clean, crisp, & refreshing.

Catawba White Zombie

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.1%

Unfiltered witbier with a light body, spicy character and a hint of hops.

Shock Top Belgium White

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.2%

A Belgium white ale with lemon, lime and orange peel notes with a refreshing finish

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.0%

German beer with notes of banana, candy and clove with a full body.

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Ambers, Browns & Red Ales


Natty Greene Buckshot Dark Amber Ale

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.8%

Roasted toffee and caramel note, easy drinking ale

Fat Tire Amber Ale

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.2%

Toasty malt, gentle sweetness, flash of hops perfectly balanced.

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Porters & Stouts

Founder’s Breakfast Stout

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  8.3%

Nose is sweet with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

BOTTLE:  $4     /      ABV:  6.0%

Super smooth with a soft roastiness & mocha notes

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

BOTTLE:  $4    /      ABV:  5.4%

Chocolate and roasted nut flavor with real vanilla bean

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Bud Light

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.3%

A refreshing American-style light lager beer with a clean, crisp finish

Michelob Ultra

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.2%

A low carb & calorie beer, with a clean, quick finish


BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.5%

A traditional lager with a medium-bodied flavor and roasted caramel sweetness.

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Ciders & Gluten Free

Blake's Rainbow Seeker Cider

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5.5%

Pineapple and a hint of sage, balanced semi-sweet.

Bold Rock Carolina Apple

BOTTLE:  $4     /      ABV:  4.7%

Full of granny smith apple flavor and sparkling effervescence

Magners Irish Cider

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.5%

Traditional Irish Cider mage with 17 varieties of apples, crisp, dry and not too sweet.

White Claw Hard Seltzer

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  5%

Refreshing and light with assorted fruit flavors.

Crispin' Pearseco

BOTTLE:  $4      /      ABV:  4.7%

A marriage of pear-based cider with a bubbly prosecco taste, offering a unique, crisp, yet dry taste

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