Catawba Brewing Tap-Takeover

Join us Wednesday, December 20th when Catawba Brewing Co. comes in and takes over our taps. Here are the beers that will be on tap.

White Zombie White Ale

We named this beer as a Halloween seasonal brew. But its refreshing taste makes it a year round staple. Zombie is made according to the Belgian Witbier tradition of using unmalted wheat to create the light body and white sheen. Additions of coriander and orange peel give Zombie a fruity and spicy character, while the hops are subtle and lightly detected. Don’t be scared to blow the head off a Zombie and drink up!

Tasting Notes:

Brewed according to the Belguim Witbier tradition using unmalted wheat to create a light body and white sheen. Additions of coriander and orange peel give it a fruity and spicy character while the hops are subtle and only lightly detected.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout

Following in the tracks of our famous PB&J comes the second release in this Specialty Series. Taking inspiration from our popular chocolate & beer pairing on the Asheville South Slope, we’ve incorporated the edible art of our local boutique chocolate factory into a beer! Brewed with Chocolate Malts and Midnight Wheat, it was conditioned on locally-sourced cacao nibs, whole roasted North Carolina peanuts, and Madagascar vanilla beans.

Tasting Notes:

This silky smooth stout is a decadent liquid dessert – like a peanut butter cup in a glass. Try it paired with a banana split and vanilla bean ice cream!

Friki Tiki Pasion Fruit IPA

This series of fruited IPAs began in our Asheville South Slope pilot brewery, where they consistently ranked among our fastest-selling Small Batch beers.  Seasonal fruit selections vary between batches to ensure optimal freshness, showcasing the tropical and citrus-forward character of each IPA, always light in body and incredibly drinkable.

Tasting Notes:

Ripe citrus and tropical fruit flavors marry perfectly with the aroma and flavor notes of fresh West Coast hops. Brewed with flaked wheat in the mash, these India Pale Ales feature the soft mouth feel and juicy character associated with New England IPAs. The hop profile for each Friki Tiki release is carefully chosen to complement a massive addition of real tropical fruit.

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