Furmint huh...???

Vintner's Hill has done it again with an off the wall grape for you to try. I am sure that the majority of you reading this have no idea what Furmint is, or what is should taste like. Keep reading for a little more info about this particular grape.

This particular grape is most widely grown in Hungary and is very susceptible to botrytis better known as "noble rot". Believe it or not this is a desirable fungus which can grow on grapes in higher humidity regions after extended hang times. Because of this fungus the infected grapes can give off aromas and flavors of ginger, honey, and saffron.

Furmint is a white grape varietal responsible for the highly important and lusciously sweet elixir called Tokaji. Tokaji is named after the Hungarian region for which it comes from called Tokaj.

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