Anything but Riesling would be closer to the truth. Riesling is tart, acidic and confusing. We love its transparency, its ability to express nuances of soil type, it’s thrilling vivacity, balance and poise. These old vineyards in Nierstein with deep red soil retain the heat, and the wines often show exotic fruit flavors and

are known for their freshness.

Kabinett is typically semi-sweet with crisp acidity. These grapes are hand-picked, then

de-stemmed and gently pressed, which makes Windisch-Wines the most enjoyable to the fanatical Riesling fans.

Our 2014 Old Vine Zinfandel is a blend of 16 different vineyard blocks of old vine zinfandel vineyards with an average age of 86 years.  With berries and spice on the nose, dark, sweet fruit fills the palate with just a hint of black pepper.  This wine has a long, lingering finish.  Whether you pair with one of our fabulous flat breads, pimento cheese spread, or a roaring fire on our patio,

this wine is sure to please.

Five generations behind our estate vineyards; five grape varietals blended into this delicious red wine. Lush flavors of wild blackberry pie and blueberries with hints of mocha and baking spices. Comforting and inviting with its rich, dark

fruit flavors, creamy texture, and velvety finish.

5G stands for Cino Garnachas.  5G represents five generations seeking the perfect Garnacha and is sourced from five special parcels of the Campo de Borja region.  Brilliant ruby red color with exquisite aromas of strawberry and red currant with delicate vegetative nuances of grapevine shoots. Well balanced and exceptionally silky and fresh on the palate.

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